Green spaces need saving…
they boost health and wellbeing and improve the environment

Somerton's big dream is to save Kirkham Street Field as a community green space

Save Kirkham Street Field Kirkham Street Field Community Trust

Please help Somerton, a small Market Town in South Somerset to save this green space for the community and future generations.

So, what can this field do for the community of Somerton?

It gives everyone a chance to have fresh air, sunshine, peace, relaxation, community gardening and social interaction… a park for all ages and abilities.

It will also reduce Somerton’s carbon footprint and… give a home to threatened wildlife including garden birds, pollinating insects and native plants.

SO The Trust needs your help and support


These are draft design ideas for Kirkham Street Field which are based on the feedback from the Public Consultation carried out last year (2019), together with suggestions from local garden designers and wildlife experts.

This is a simpler design idea which was popular at the Consultation Event in Somerton on 25th and 26th September. Clearly identified features such as a large 'ring' of wildflower meadow linking up the various areas - lots of wildflowers, buzzing insects and waving grasses. Wild woodland area with planted hazel coppice can be for quiet enjoyment and regular coppicing for use in vegetable gardens as bean poles.

The sketches illustrate the Kirkham Street Field’s possibilities as a community green space.

Please note the following features as put forward by the public, which have been designed to be accessible to all and are intended to be DDA compliant and Dementia friendly as far as possible:-

Any queries can be directed to the Design Group of the Trustees of Kirkham Street Field Community Trust via the Contact Page.


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